laundry chelating agents Incorporating chelating agents into laundry treatments contributes to optimal cleanliness and prolongs fabric life. By preventing damage associated with hard water, clothes stay brighter and fresher for longer, leading to higher consumer satisfaction and product preference.
laundry deodorizers Deodorizers play a vital role in enhancing the performance and sensory appeal of laundry treatments. They are specially crafted ingredients that counteract or eliminate unpleasant odors, providing a fresh and clean scent to fabrics.
laundry surfactants Surfactants improve the efficiency of the cleaning process, resulting in cleaner, fresher clothes that enhance the consumer experience. The ability of surfactants to effectively remove dirt and stains not only leads to superior laundry outcomes but also amplifies the value proposition of laundry products.
lip care Lip care is a vital part of the personal care industry, focusing on products designed to maintain moisturized and healthy lips. Key products include hydrating lip balms, exfoliating lip scrubs and lip treatments, nourishing lip masks, and protective SPF lip products, all aimed at preventing dryness, chapping, and UV damage.
lubricant corrosion inhibitors Corrosion inhibitors reduce, delay, or prevent the corrosion of metal. In closed-loop automotive systems, like engines, gearboxes, and transmissions corrosion inhibitor technology protects against moisture intrusion. When using Texalene™ Corrosion Inhibitors, water molecules, and other corrosive species in the lubricant are displaced from metal surfaces in favor of our film-forming compounds.
lubricants In transportation, lubricants are used to help reduce the friction between moving parts. The utility of any base lubricant can be enhanced with lubricant additives. Functionalities that an additive can improve include friction modification to reduce the wear of automotive parts and prolong the life of engines, corrosion inhibition to protect the internal surface of the engine or transmission, and dispersion used to minimize sludge formation and neutralize acidic components.
lubricity improvers Lubricity improvers are used in fuel to avoid excessive wear on fuel pumps and injectors. The use of lubricity improvers is increasing, driven by highly refined fuels to improve fuel efficiency and reduce friction. Our ashless solutions offer tighter tolerances, help prevent deposits, and optimize ignition timing to maximize the fuel efficiency of the modern computer-controlled engine.
makeup removers Removing makeup is a crucial step in any skincare routine. Ensuring that skin is protected while being properly cleaned is key to healthy skin. Our nature-based makeup removers are derived from shea nuts and castor beans.
manufacturing The manufacturing market encompasses a broad range of sectors and activities that involve the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. Manufacturing plays a critical role in the global economy, driving innovation, technology development, and production across a diverse range of sectors.
medical devices Backed by regulatory and application experts, Vertellus solutions are approved by global regulatory bodies and are used by leading medical device manufacturers worldwide