lip care

Lip care is a vital part of the personal care industry, focusing on products designed to maintain moisturized and healthy lips. Key products include hydrating lip balms, exfoliating lip scrubs and lip treatments, nourishing lip masks, and protective SPF lip products, all aimed at preventing dryness, chapping, and UV damage. The demand for organic and natural ingredients is rising, with consumers increasingly seeking lip care solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Multifunctional products that offer hydration, protection, and a touch of color are becoming more popular, meeting the needs of busy consumers looking for versatile and convenient options.

With the lips being particularly sensitive to environmental factors such as sun, wind, and cold, using the right lip care products is essential for both health and aesthetic reasons. Manufacturers are now focusing on creating products that cater to specific allergies and sensitivities, ensuring that there are suitable options for all skin types.


Emollients are essential in the lip care market for their multifaceted benefits, including moisturizing and hydrating lips by forming a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss and shields against environmental damage. They enhance the texture and application of lip care products, making them smoother and more appealing, and contribute aesthetically by giving products a glossy look and serving as bases for tinted variants. Emollients provide therapeutic benefits by soothing and healing chapped lips, increasing consumer satisfaction and influencing purchasing decisions.

The demand for natural and sustainably sourced emollients like shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, and other various natural oils is growing, as consumers increasingly seek products that are both effective and environmentally friendly, driving innovation and brand loyalty in the sector.

nature-based emollients 

  • Castorlatum™ Emollient is a plant-based alternative to petrolatum that helps to soothe and repair chapped and sore lips by sealing in moisture
  • Naturechem™ GMHS, enhances product texture, providing a smooth, luxurious feel upon application, improving the wear of color cosmetics on the lips
  • Naturechem™ CR helps moisturize and condition the lips, offering a smooth application and preventing chapping
viscosity modifiers

Viscosity modifiers are crucial in the lip care industry as they play a key role in determining the consistency and sensory experience of products. These ingredients adjust the thickness and flow properties of lip balms, glosses, and creams, ensuring that products have the desired spreadability and stay on the lips. By influencing product stability and preventing the separation of ingredients, viscosity modifiers enhance product longevity and performance. They are particularly important in formulations that need to maintain a uniform texture and appearance under varying temperatures and conditions.


The market for viscosity modifiers is influenced by consumer preferences for products that offer ease of application and a comfortable feel. Innovations in this area, such as the development of natural and sustainable viscosity-modifying agents, are increasingly important as consumers demand products that are not only functional but also align with ethical and environmental standards.

nature-based viscosity modifiers

  • Naturechem™ PRG is castor-based and can influence the thickness of cosmetic formulations, contributing to the desired consistency and texture of the product 
go crystal clear with vegetable-based emulsifier
personal & home care clear lip gloss

Clear lip gloss is a makeup must-have. It offers versatility as it can be applied to bare lips for a subtle shine or create a layer of gloss over any lip color. Clear lip gloss can make lips look fuller by absorbing and reflecting light. The best gloss formulations help hydrate and moisturize lips, making emulsifiers a key ingredient. Casid™ HSA Emulsifier is a vegetable-based gellant and structuring agent designed for crystal clear formulas.

clear lip gloss