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Environmental conservation involves the practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organizational, or governmental levels, for the benefit of both the natural world and humans. Environmental conservation and environmental management are closely linked, focusing on sustainable practices and the protection of natural resources.

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We are living in the era of big data driving the growth of high-speed digital applications. People around the world rely on electronics for communication, education, employment, entertainment, health monitoring, transportation, and more. Electronic devices are used to save time, effort, and money. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the internet have increased the need for faster data transmission and larger data storage capacity. The technology responsible for making electronic devices function (servers, routers, storage equipment, and smartphones) must continuously adapt and evolve to serve this advanced market’s needs. Our material solutions (adhesive accelerators, curing agents, plasticizers, solvents, and fluid mediums) help manufacturers optimize the performance of these devices.

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Energy is a fundamental concept in both physics and environmental science, referring to the capacity to do work or produce change. It comes in various forms and can be converted from one form to another. In the context of modern society, harnessing energy efficiently and sustainably is crucial due to environmental concerns and the finite nature of fossil fuels.

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wire & cable

In the dynamic realms of energy & electronics, wire & cable systems serve as the backbone of connectivity and efficiency, playing an invaluable role in powering the modern world. With their ability to transmit electricity, data, and signals with precision and reliability, wire & cable solutions have become indispensable components across a wide range of applications. In cable manufacturing, every component plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional performance, durability, and safety. Among these crucial elements, the ingredients used in the production process hold immense value, serving as the foundation of high-quality and reliable wire and cable solutions.

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The manufacturing market encompasses a broad range of sectors and activities that involve the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. Manufacturing plays a critical role in the global economy, driving innovation, technology development, and production across a diverse range of sectors.

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The coatings market plays a pivotal role in global industries, offering products that not only enhance the appearance of materials but also provide protective benefits. From automotive bodies to residential walls to commercial flooring, coatings are integral to extending the life and enhancing the performance of materials.

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Adhesives play a vital role in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and construction. Adhesives serve as the invisible force binding materials together, from everyday products to complex industrial applications. However, achieving strong and reliable adhesion is not merely a matter of sticking two surfaces together. It requires a precise blend of ingredients that contribute to the adhesive's bonding strength, durability, and overall performance. Aurorium provides adhesive ingredients such as: accelerators, curing agents, and plasticizers.

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reduce glue discoloration with intermediates
infrastructure waterproof wood adhesives

Wood glue is specially formulated to penetrate wood fibers. Popular with professionals in construction and woodworkers when bonding high resin lumber, polyurethane glue is used to achieve a complete waterproof adhesive. Indapro™ Intermediate is used in manufacturing waterproof wood glue where working time and cure time are crucial. It also helps minimize the discoloration that can occur when bonding high-resin lumber woods.

wood adhesives
providing strong environmental resistance
infrastructure industrial maintenance coatings

Industrial coatings offer protective properties in particular corrosion prevention and weatherproofing. Many compounds can accelerate corrosion calling for the need for a robust and easy to maintain coating. Polyol-based polyurethane coatings exhibit good chemical resistance to cold and hot water, organic and inorganic acids, caustic, diesel fuel, gasoline, and other commonly encountered chemicals. Castorcin™ Polyol Series cures in a wide range of environments, protects against chemicals, and exhibits good UV exposure stability.

industrial maintenance coatings
precision and consistency with intermediates
infrastructure colorants that ‘pop’

Colorants can be complex as it needs to be strong and stable. Colorant dispersants deliver precise color in paint, enabling formulators to stay one step ahead of the latest eye-catching trends. Select dispersants allow the use of a wide variety of colorants all while decreasing the amount of unsustainable and label-unfriendly biocides, compatibilizers, and surfactants needed. This is increasingly important as regulations become tighter and raw materials become scarcer. Xiran Dispersant has been shown to bring colors to life; when working in combination with sister dispersants or third-party additives, to achieve a range of performance benefits.

colorants that pop
preserve vibrant colors with intermediates
infrastructure furniture paint

Beautiful wooden furniture has an emotional connection for many people. Subject to daily wear and tear, furniture such as desks, chairs, and tables, are in need of more than just esthetics. Formulators add pigment dispersants by harmonizing the ingredients to maximize color. These dispersants can also make the paint look better for longer; for example, by boosting the water resistance of the surface thanks to their unique structure. In extensive tests, Xiran Dispersants outperformed benchmark pigment dispersants in industrial wood applications – meeting the high standards in stain and scratch resistance required by leading furniture brands.

furniture paint
minimize discoloration with intermediates
infrastructure wall paint

Consumers and businesses alike want wall paint with great pigment color that lasts – and is resistant to scratches and marks (as well as water and sunlight). Pigment dispersants help paint formulators create better-performing wall paint that complies with the latest trends– for a healthier, more sustainable product with low odor, fewer VOCs, and less need for chemical surfactants and co-dispersants. Our Xiran Dispersant technology has been shown to achieve this, all while maintaining excellent color properties.

wall paint