ingredients designed for binding

Using the correct components is essential for enhancing adhesive performance, improving curing time, and achieving desired material properties. Accelerators are responsible for expediting the curing process, allowing adhesives to bond rapidly and effectively. Curing agents facilitate the cross-linking of adhesive molecules, leading to increased strength and durability. Plasticizers are vital for optimizing flexibility, viscosity, and adhesive flow, and ensuring compatibility with different substrates. With the right ingredients, adhesives deliver bonding solutions for various applications.


Adhesive accelerators play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of adhesives, enabling faster and stronger bonding processes. With their ability to expedite curing times and improve overall adhesive properties, adhesives accelerators have become an indispensable tool for industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to construction and electronics. From expedited curing times and enhanced performance to versatility and cost-effectiveness, adhesive accelerators empower industries to achieve stronger, faster, and more reliable bonds.

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curing agents

The effectiveness and durability of adhesives depend significantly on the presence of curing agents. Curing agents, also known as crosslinking agents or hardeners, are essential components in adhesive formulations. They facilitate the curing process, which transforms liquid adhesives into strong, durable bonds. By promoting crosslinking reactions, curing agents enable adhesives to achieve superior mechanical strength, improved chemical resistance, and enhanced temperature stability.

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To enhance their versatility and effectiveness, plasticizers play a pivotal role in adhesive formulations. By imparting flexibility and workability to adhesives, plasticizers enable them to withstand movement and stress without compromising bond integrity. Plasticizers allow for the customization of adhesive properties to meet industry-specific requirements, enabling adhesives to excel in automotive, construction, packaging, and electronics applications. The utilization of environmentally friendly plasticizers aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability and regulatory compliance.

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reduce glue discoloration with intermediates
infrastructure waterproof wood adhesives

Wood glue is specially formulated to penetrate wood fibers. Popular with professionals in construction and woodworkers when bonding high resin lumber, polyurethane glue is used to achieve a complete waterproof adhesive. Indapro™ Intermediate is used in manufacturing waterproof wood glue where working time and cure time are crucial. It also helps minimize the discoloration that can occur when bonding high-resin lumber woods.

wood adhesives
providing strong environmental resistance
infrastructure industrial maintenance coatings

Industrial coatings offer protective properties in particular corrosion prevention and weatherproofing. Many compounds can accelerate corrosion calling for the need for a robust and easy to maintain coating. Polyol-based polyurethane coatings exhibit good chemical resistance to cold and hot water, organic and inorganic acids, caustic, diesel fuel, gasoline, and other commonly encountered chemicals. Castorcin™ Polyol Series cures in a wide range of environments, protects against chemicals, and exhibits good UV exposure stability.

industrial maintenance coatings