paper & packaging

from forest to fiber, Aurorium’s performance enhancing solutions are designed with preservation in mind; delivering messages by protecting both the package and the print
food packaging

Food packaging serves multiple critical roles in the food industry, including protecting products from contamination and damage, preserving freshness, providing important nutritional and product information, and aiding in marketing efforts. Packaging types range widely, from plastic, glass, and metals to paper and innovative biodegradable materials, each selected based on its ability to maintain food quality and safety.

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Cartonboard, also known as cardboard, is a versatile, strong, and lightweight material made from layers of paper pulp. It is a type of paper that is more durable, thicker, and stiffer than the average paper product. Cartonboard is widely used in the packaging industry for producing boxes, containers, and dividers for a wide variety of products due to its excellent folding properties, printability, and ability to protect the product. It is a recyclable and renewable material and is often a preferred choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

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Containerboard is a type of paperboard specially manufactured to produce corrugated fiberboard. It's primarily used in the creation of corrugated boxes – widely known as cardboard boxes – which are used extensively in the packaging industry. In the paper & packaging industry, containerboard is vital due to its versatility and practicality. Corrugated boxes made from containerboard are used in a wide array of applications, including shipping, storing, and transporting goods. These boxes can be custom-sized and printed with branding and product information, offering an effective packaging solution for countless businesses across various sectors.

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specialty & wood-free paper

Specialty papers and wood-free papers each serve unique purposes in the paper industry. Specialty papers are custom-designed to meet specific requirements, often used in high-end applications such as security papers, photographic paper, and wallpapers, where special characteristics like water-resistance or tear-resistance are needed. Wood-free paper (C2S/C1S) is paper that is created through chemical pulp rather than mechanical pulp. It is typically used for high-quality printed products like books, premium magazines, and letterheads, where longevity is crucial. Both types of paper involve the use of specialty ingredients to provide the desired properties

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sizing agents for water-resistance
paper & packaging protect your box

No one likes a soggy box. Cardboard boxes travel miles and miles to reach their destination through all types of environments and weather; that’s why protecting a box on its journey is crucial. During the delivery process, these exterior factors can impact the integrity of items inside. With the correct sizing agents, water-resistant containerboard can be achieved. Two highly reactive hydrophobic sizing agents, Bersize™ ASA (Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride) and Xiran SMA (Styrene Maleic Anhydride), provide water-resistant properties to boxes while improving overall dry strength, without impacting final product friction.

protect your box
starch modifiers fight grease
paper & packaging takeout you can handle

When ordering food to go, we all have experienced a paper bag or food container that has lost its structural integrity from being saturated with grease. This can be prevented by coating the inside of the food takeout container with a starch that stops oil from seeping through. These starches are treated with additives such as Indapro™ 5820 that help stop the bag from becoming soggy and creating a greasy mess.

take out you can handle
insolubilizers to last longer
paper & packaging crucial for a quality bind

Magazines are a common outlet that bring imagery and storytelling to one place. Due to the heavy use of visuals page after page, a key element for magazines is ensuring that images stay true to their unique color codes. Insolubilizers enhance color resolution creating less haze and clouding when using deeper pigments. Berset™ 2720 is an insolubilizer that contributes to a less tacky, less sticky page if a magazine is dampened or left in the sun.

crucial for a quality bind
digital print enhancer for sharper images
paper & packaging customize your cover

Unlike offset printing, digital printing transfers the color directly to the paper. The most common types of digital printers are inkjet, toner, and solid ink. With the help of a digital print enhancer papermakers and printers gain an advantage through shorter run times, higher value print jobs, and cleaner, sharper images. Berbond™ 8990 is a water and oil-resistant digital print enhancer that interacts favorably with the most common commercial printing technologies. Berbond 8990 allows for excellent wet rub resistance and does not require the use of insolubilizer, resulting in a high-quality gloss printed image.

customize your color
coating lubricant for visuals that pop
paper & packaging start the day with fun

From cartoon characters to miniature games, the outside of cereal boxes provide space to add a bit of fun to the most important meal of the day. Stopping cereal from being crushed, these boxes are designed for high color printing using a lightweight, recyclable material known as cartonboard (sometimes referred to as paperboard). In order for the striking visuals to stand out on supermarket shelves and appear high-gloss, cartonboard boxes are coated with Berchem™ 4136 Lubricant Additives.

start the day with fun