delivering messages through shapes and visuals

Cartonboard, a multilayered structure of paperboard, is a material that continues to find a place in our everyday lives. Designed for quality packaging and graphic applications, this product delivers outstanding visual impact while providing a recyclable sustainable product. With a carefully chosen coating formulation, it meets the requirements for high performance in printing and varnishing resulting in a standard box with a strong promotional image. Cartonboard can take a desired custom shape while sharing a message through its print image quality.


ingredients providing a clearer image

With the correct coating formulation, a papermaker’s coating application process can be improved resulting in enhanced print characteristics and overall higher image quality. Using the correct coatings can improve blade life, reduce streaks and coating setback. Our coating additives function as dispersants, insolubilizers, and lubricants. They provide rheology modification to improve blade life, reduce streaks and coating setback. They also reduce application roll and coating tray deposits, blade wear, and air knife blocking.

dispersants for cartonboard making - ingredients to optimize machine performance

Dispersants are used by coating formulators to optimize their coatings and inks, by improving pigment dispersion and coating rheology. Using a quality dispersant helps optimize the solid contents of the board coating allowing high-speed coating operations efficiently with less downtime. The correct dispersant can significantly improve cartonboard performance through the elimination of blade scratching, weeping, and whiskering. Sodium Polyacrylate-based dispersant, Berchem™ 4842, is specially designed for pigmented paper coating formulations to achieve good coater mix stability and rheology.

insolubilizers for cartonboard making, ingredients to protect print integrity

Insolubilizers are used to help protect the integrity of a cartonboard surface, providing stable viscosity during the coating color preparation. Without insolubilizers cartonboard can get sticky and tacky upon rewetting. Surface quality is a main factor of concern for the converter when making their purchasing decision. Our insolubilizers for the printing process are compatible with most coating additives and actively stabilize coating viscosity. Formaldehyde-free crosslinker, Berset™ 2720, rapidly reacts during coating consolidation allowing for curing to complete while still on the machine. Berset 2169, a blocked crosslinker, provides stable viscosity during the coating color preparation and significantly reduces yellowing when exposed to heat or light.

paper calendar
boxes in isle of store
lubricants for cartonboard making, ingredients to make images pop

Lubricants are used in the most rigorous coating applications to enhance printing performance and make images pop. Designed for all types of cartonboard coatings, lubricants improve ink holdout and provide superior print gloss. As the standard for the paper industry, our coating additives create cartonboard grades with durability and the highest print quality. They have wet and dry state functionality while coating the material and in final use. Designed for all types of cartonboard coatings, lubricants impart superior lubricating properties while working to eliminate problems such as blade scratching, streaks, weeping, and whiskering. The non-ionic emulsion, Berchem 4000, was designed to impart superior lubricating properties to coating formulations. It has wide compatibility with other materials and works to effectively lower the high shear viscosity of paper coatings. Berchem 4136, is a 100% active paper coating lubricant that provides excellent rheological coating characteristics.

retention aids, sheet formation is key to board making

The key to board making: retention aids and fixing agents improve the retention of fibers, fine particles, and sizing agents during the board making process. Using retention aids increases the efficiency of the paper machine by reducing water consumption and energy usage. Board making requires innovative products to sustain a multiple-step procedure. Fixing agents and retention aids assist during the complicated step of the making board through the increased use of recycled fibers. Acting as a cationic coagulant, Xiran Copolymer works to create a strong bond between fibers. When used in combination with a polyelectrolyte retention aid, Xiran Copolymer yields good dry strength, burst, tear, and tensile. It has a positive effect on hydrophobicity which benefits twist and curl, printing, and stability in refrigeration environments.

retention aids
water droplets on cartonboard
sizing agents - providing water-resistance for cartonboard

Protecting the items inside the box is just as important as keeping the message secured on the outside. Hydrophobic sizing of cartonboard provides stability for the paper during storage and printing.

starch modifiers fight grease
paper & packaging takeout you can handle

When ordering food to go, we all have experienced a paper bag or food container that has lost its structural integrity from being saturated with grease. This can be prevented by coating the inside of the food takeout container with a starch that stops oil from seeping through. These starches are treated with additives such as Indapro™ 5820 that help stop the bag from becoming soggy and creating a greasy mess.

take out you can handle
coating lubricant for visuals that pop
paper & packaging start the day with fun

From cartoon characters to miniature games, the outside of cereal boxes provide space to add a bit of fun to the most important meal of the day. Stopping cereal from being crushed, these boxes are designed for high color printing using a lightweight, recyclable material known as cartonboard (sometimes referred to as paperboard). In order for the striking visuals to stand out on supermarket shelves and appear high-gloss, cartonboard boxes are coated with Berchem™ 4136 Lubricant Additives.

start the day with fun