cartonboard sizing agents

Sizing agents are specialized ingredients that improve the surface properties of cartonboard, playing a crucial role in enhancing performance. They aid in controlling water absorption and penetration, improving the cartonboard's dimensional stability, printability, and overall quality, making them an essential component in the packaging sector. By modifying surface characteristics, sizing agents amplify product quality and resilience, ensuring superior packaging solutions that meet consumer demands. Incorporating sizing agents in cartonboard production fosters optimal product performance, delivering high-quality packaging solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of modern consumers.

ingredients providing water-resistance for cartonboard

Protecting the items inside the box is just as important as keeping the message secured on the outside. Hydrophobic sizing of cartonboard provides stability for the paper during storage and printing. Our two highly reactive hydrophobic technologies, ASA and SMA, offer significant advantages to paper performance. Surface sizing agents and wet-end sizing agents are both integral to the process of manufacturing cartonboard, but they serve different functions and are applied at different stages of the process.

surface sizing agents

Surface sizing agents are applied onto the surface of the paper after the paper sheet has been formed and partially dried. Surface sizing agents primarily serve to enhance the surface strength of the paper, improve printability by providing a more even and smoother surface, and provide a further barrier to liquid penetration. This results in better ink holdout, less picking during printing, and improved stiffness and fold resistance. Surface sizing agents commonly used include starches and styrene-maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers.

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wet-end sizing agents

Wet-end sizing agents are added directly to the paper pulp during the initial stages of papermaking. The main purpose of wet-end sizing is to limit the amount of water absorption into the paper fibers during the manufacturing process and in the final product's use. Wet-end sizing agents contribute to the paper's resistance to penetration by aqueous solutions. This helps to improve the dimensional stability of the paper, reduce curling and wrinkling, and increase the durability of the paper when it comes into contact with moisture.

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