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Specialty papers are unique types of paper designed for specific uses and tailored to meet specific requirements. These types of papers are often used for high-end or specific applications such as currency notes, security papers, photographic paper, filter paper, wallpaper, etc. They can also be designed to be water-resistant, tear-resistant, fire-retardant, or to have other specialized characteristics. The production of specialty papers often involves the addition of certain specialty ingredients to give them their unique properties. These can include a variety of coatings, binders, brightening agents, fillers, and more.

Wood-free paper, also known as free-sheet paper or fine paper, is paper created essentially from chemical pulp rather than mechanical pulp. The term "wood-free" is a bit of a misnomer because the paper is not free from wood, but rather free from the lignin present in wood. Lignin is a naturally occurring polymer in wood that binds the cellulose fibers together. However, it is removed during the pulping process because it can cause the paper to become yellow and brittle over time. In the papermaking process, wood-free paper is made from pulp that has had nearly all its lignin removed. The resulting paper has a higher quality and is more durable than paper made with mechanical pulps. It is often used for applications like books, letterheads, premium magazines, and other high-quality printed products where longevity is important.

Specialty & wood-free are high-end grades of paper used for printing & writing, papercraft, and more. These types of paper are commonly referred to as stationary, invitation, print, photo, fine, or decorative paper. High-quality and innovative solutions that improve specialty & wood-free paper are needed to protect moments in our lives, from birthday cards to family photos. Our specialty & wood-free paper solutions enhance paper appearance through preservation by preventing discoloration and strengthening the overall image and quality.


Coating ingredients are essential for enhancing the performance, functionality, and aesthetics of specialty & wood-free papers. In specialty papers, these ingredients can provide functional properties such as water resistance, fire retardancy, or UV protection, while also enhancing the paper's visual appeal through gloss, opacity, color, and texture modification. In wood-free papers, coatings enhance print quality by improving paper smoothness, reducing ink absorbency for sharper, clearer prints, and augmenting paper brightness and whiteness for increased aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they provide durability, making the paper more resistant to tearing, smudging, and aging. Thus, coatings ingredients are key to tailoring both specialty and wood-free papers to meet the specific requirements of their intended applications, improving both their functional and aesthetic value.

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insolubilizers to last longer
paper & packaging crucial for a quality bind

Magazines are a common outlet that bring imagery and storytelling to one place. Due to the heavy use of visuals page after page, a key element for magazines is ensuring that images stay true to their unique color codes. Insolubilizers enhance color resolution creating less haze and clouding when using deeper pigments. Berset™ 2720 is an insolubilizer that contributes to a less tacky, less sticky page if a magazine is dampened or left in the sun.

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digital print enhancer for sharper images
paper & packaging customize your cover

Unlike offset printing, digital printing transfers the color directly to the paper. The most common types of digital printers are inkjet, toner, and solid ink. With the help of a digital print enhancer papermakers and printers gain an advantage through shorter run times, higher value print jobs, and cleaner, sharper images. Berbond™ 8990 is a water and oil-resistant digital print enhancer that interacts favorably with the most common commercial printing technologies. Berbond 8990 allows for excellent wet rub resistance and does not require the use of insolubilizer, resulting in a high-quality gloss printed image.

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