food packaging

Food packaging is indispensable in ensuring food quality, safety, and sustainability throughout the supply chain. It protects against contaminants and damage, extends shelf life, and keeps food safe from hazards. Packaging enhances convenience by facilitating easy transportation, storage, and portion control, while also serving as a crucial medium for conveying nutritional information, regulatory compliance, and branding. 

Food packaging plays a significant role in marketing, helping products stand out on shelves and communicate brand values. With a growing focus on environmental responsibility, food packaging is evolving to include recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials, addressing waste reduction and promoting a circular economy. 

starch modifiers fight grease
paper & packaging takeout you can handle

When ordering food to go, we all have experienced a paper bag or food container that has lost its structural integrity from being saturated with grease. This can be prevented by coating the inside of the food takeout container with a starch that stops oil from seeping through. These starches are treated with additives such as Indapro™ 5820 that help stop the bag from becoming soggy and creating a greasy mess.

take out you can handle
sizing agents for water-resistance
paper & packaging protect your box

No one likes a soggy box. Cardboard boxes travel miles and miles to reach their destination through all types of environments and weather; that’s why protecting a box on its journey is crucial. During the delivery process, these exterior factors can impact the integrity of items inside. With the correct sizing agents, water-resistant containerboard can be achieved. Two highly reactive hydrophobic sizing agents, Bersize™ ASA (Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride) and Xiran SMA (Styrene Maleic Anhydride), provide water-resistant properties to boxes while improving overall dry strength, without impacting final product friction.

protect your box