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Imagine a standard cardboard box, like the ones that are left on doorsteps with the promise of two-day shipping. What you are actually seeing is a containerboard with multiple layers of paper in a composite structure. Containerboard is a type of paperboard manufactured to produce corrugated board. The corrugated packaging business provides a wide range of eco-friendly boxes for shipping meeting the needs of various sectors, such as electronics, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging. Containerboard brings strength and functionality to boxes; designed for a variety of uses, from basic production of goods to graphic packaging with high-quality visuals. It is the single most-recycled packaging material in the United States.

retention aids in use
retention aids for containerboard, sheet formation is key to papermaking

The key to papermaking: retention aids and fixing agents improve the retention of fillers, fine particles, and sizing agents during the paper making process. Using retention aids increases the efficiency of the paper making machine by reducing water consumption and energy usage. Papermaking is a nonwoven process that requires innovative products to sustain a multi-step procedure. Fixing agents and retention aids assist during the complicated step of making paper through the increased use of recycled fibers and fillers.

Acting as a cationic coagulant, Xiran Copolymer works to create a strong bond between fibers. When used in combination with a polyelectrolyte retention aid, Xiran Copolymer yields good dry strength, burst, tear, and tensile. It has a positive effect on hydrophobicity which benefits printing and stability in refrigeration environments.

sizing agents, providing water-resistance for containerboard

Protecting items inside the box is just as important as keeping the message secured on the outside. Hydrophobic sizing of containerboard provides stability for the paper during corrugating and storage. Our two highly reactive hydrophobic technologies, ASA and SMA, offer significant advantages to paper performance.

sizing agents cardboard
  • Bersize™ Sizing Agent: Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride (ASA) technology is added when the paper is being formed in the wet end (internal size), providing a fast reaction rate with cellulose and develops efficient hydrophobicity in a range of pulp furnishes. As an internal size, ASA has less impact on final product friction properties as compared to Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD).
  • Xiran Sizing Agent: A surface sizing solution, Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA), provides effective cross-linking between the components of surface size solution (Starch, PVA, CMC) and cellulose, resulting in improved hydrophobicity and increased dry strength. SMA provides superior wicking properties yielding a sharper and higher quality print.
sizing agents for water-resistance
paper & packaging protect your box

No one likes a soggy box. Cardboard boxes travel miles and miles to reach their destination through all types of environments and weather; that’s why protecting a box on its journey is crucial. During the delivery process, these exterior factors can impact the integrity of items inside. With the correct sizing agents, water-resistant containerboard can be achieved. Two highly reactive hydrophobic sizing agents, Bersize™ ASA (Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride) and Xiran SMA (Styrene Maleic Anhydride), provide water-resistant properties to boxes while improving overall dry strength, without impacting final product friction.

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