bringing strength and functionality to boxes

Imagine a standard cardboard box, like the ones that are left on doorsteps with the promise of two-day shipping. What you are seeing is a containerboard with multiple layers of paper in a composite structure. Containerboard is a type of paperboard manufactured to produce corrugated board. The corrugated packaging business provides a wide range of eco-friendly boxes for shipping; meeting the needs of various sectors, such as electronics, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging. Containerboard brings strength and functionality to boxes; designed for a variety of uses, from basic production of goods to graphic packaging with high-quality visuals.

The sustainability aspect of containerboard also makes it a preferred choice in the industry, as it's usually made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable; aligning with the growing trend towards more sustainable packaging solutions. It is the single most-recycled packaging material in the United States.

sizing agents

Sizing agents are critical ingredients in containerboard production, providing essential moisture resistance that enhances the durability and stability of the final product. Their use in reducing paper's porosity increases the overall quality of the containerboard, ensuring the boxes maintain their strength under various conditions – a crucial aspect in the shipping and handling of goods. In addition, sizing agents play a significant role in industry sustainability initiatives by improving the longevity of the containerboard, thereby contributing to waste reduction.

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sizing agents for water-resistance
paper & packaging protect your box

No one likes a soggy box. Cardboard boxes travel miles and miles to reach their destination through all types of environments and weather; that’s why protecting a box on its journey is crucial. During the delivery process, these exterior factors can impact the integrity of items inside. With the correct sizing agents, water-resistant containerboard can be achieved. Two highly reactive hydrophobic sizing agents, Bersize™ ASA (Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride) and Xiran SMA (Styrene Maleic Anhydride), provide water-resistant properties to boxes while improving overall dry strength, without impacting final product friction.

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