The coatings market plays a pivotal role in global industries, offering products that not only enhance the appearance of materials but also provide protective benefits. From automotive bodies to residential walls to commercial flooring, coatings are integral to extending the life and enhancing the performance of materials. A few of the diverse segments within coatings include industrial coatings, paints, inks, floor coatings, automobile coatings, and clear coatings. The coatings market is rapidly evolving with a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation. There is a growing demand for eco-friendly coatings that minimize environmental impact while maintaining high-quality performance.

floor coatings

Flooring is the foundation for the design and functionality of a space. It is considered the most crucial part of interior design. In any space, the first interaction we have is visual, however, the first physical interaction is with flooring. Ingredients we provide help bind rubberized athletic surfaces, function as moisture-resistant adhesives for carpet underlayment, and provide protection for wood and concrete flooring.

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industrial coatings

Industrial coatings are specialized paints used to protect against corrosion, wear, and environmental damage. These coatings are applied to various surfaces such as metals, plastics, and ceramics. Common applications include machinery, structural components, and heavy-duty equipment.

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The world needs paint for protective purposes and to bring color into people’s lives. Paint is described as any pigmented liquid applied to a surface, as a thin layer drying to a film. Paint is used to add color, preserve surfaces, and provide texture.

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Whether using traditional or digital techniques, the printing industry is a high-precision business that continues to thrive. Inks are gels or solutions that contain at least one colorant (dye or pigment) and are used to produce designs, images, or text.

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providing strong environmental resistance
infrastructure industrial maintenance coatings

Industrial coatings offer protective properties in particular corrosion prevention and weatherproofing. Many compounds can accelerate corrosion calling for the need for a robust and easy to maintain coating. Polyol-based polyurethane coatings exhibit good chemical resistance to cold and hot water, organic and inorganic acids, caustic, diesel fuel, gasoline, and other commonly encountered chemicals. Castorcin™ Polyol Series cures in a wide range of environments, protects against chemicals, and exhibits good UV exposure stability.

industrial maintenance coatings