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Whether using traditional or digital techniques, the printing industry is a high-precision business that continues to thrive. Inks are gels or solutions that contain at least one colorant (dye or pigment) and are used to produce designs, images, or text. Inks need to be clear, bright, and vibrant – as well as robust (for example, resistant to sunlight and water). Inks need optimal properties that enable them to be manufactured and dispensed as easily as possible. Xiran Dispersant is a high-performance water-based universal dispersant that contributes to pigment dispersion, stability, and performance in various applications. 

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Pigment dispersants and co-resins for ink manufacturing provide a purpose because – despite the digital age we live in – inks and printed materials (magazines and books) still play a very valuable role in our society. From a consumer standpoint, the ink needs to be easy to read, and attractive to look at, even when exposed to the elements. For manufacturers, the ink needs to be robust and easy to work with.


In inks, plasticizers are used to increase flowability and reduce the formation of the film. They increase the flexibility of ink and make ink softer, and more adherent. Dry inks become brittle, which could cause the ink to crack when printed material is bent or folded. Plasticizers are also known to help increase print gloss and protect ink integrity from environmental factors.

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Colorants can be complex as it needs to be strong and stable. Colorant dispersants deliver precise color in paint, enabling formulators to stay one step ahead of the latest eye-catching trends. Select dispersants allow the use of a wide variety of colorants all while decreasing the amount of unsustainable and label-unfriendly biocides, compatibilizers, and surfactants needed. This is increasingly important as regulations become tighter and raw materials become scarcer. Xiran Dispersant has been shown to bring colors to life; when working in combination with sister dispersants or third-party additives, to achieve a range of performance benefits.

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