ingredients Ingredients used in food & beverages provide purpose by ensuring that food remains safe, fresh, nutritious, and appealing. Sweet and savory flavor enhancers are used to amplify taste, starch modifiers help to simplify food preparation, colorants impact the perception of food, and shelf-life extenders aid in food preservation.
inks Whether using traditional or digital techniques, the printing industry is a high-precision business that continues to thrive. Inks are gels or solutions that contain at least one colorant (dye or pigment) and are used to produce designs, images, or text.
intermediates Intermediates play a vital role in the formulation of high-performance lubricants in the transportation industry. These specialty materials enhance various properties of lubricants, such as reducing friction, improving thermal stability, and controlling viscosity. Multi-functionality simplifies the formulation design process. Their use aligns with the industry's sustainability goals, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.
intermediates We provide material solutions for your pharmaceutical processing needs. Our intermediate portfolio includes key building blocks such as API precursors, catalysts, reagents, and solvents.
laundry We provide quality materials that can be found in laundry detergents (pods, tablets, liquids, and powders), as well as laundry treatments. These solutions can boost foaming, keep colors bright, and help remove stains and odors.
laundry chelating agents Incorporating chelating agents into laundry treatments contributes to optimal cleanliness and prolongs fabric life. By preventing damage associated with hard water, clothes stay brighter and fresher for longer, leading to higher consumer satisfaction and product preference.
laundry deodorizers Deodorizers play a vital role in enhancing the performance and sensory appeal of laundry treatments. They are specially crafted ingredients that counteract or eliminate unpleasant odors, providing a fresh and clean scent to fabrics.
laundry surfactants Surfactants improve the efficiency of the cleaning process, resulting in cleaner, fresher clothes that enhance the consumer experience. The ability of surfactants to effectively remove dirt and stains not only leads to superior laundry outcomes but also amplifies the value proposition of laundry products.