containerboard surface sizing agents Surface sizing agents are integral to the production of high-quality containerboard, providing essential properties such as enhanced water, abrasion, and penetration resistance. By forming a film on the paper's surface, they contribute to the overall durability and aesthetic quality of the packaging, ensuring better printability and visual appeal.
containerboard wet-end sizing agents Wet-end sizing agents play a pivotal role in containerboard production, enhancing the water resistance and mechanical strength of paper at the fiber level, leading to a final product with improved durability and resilience. Their use goes beyond basic functionality, contributing to overall product performance, particularly under extreme weather conditions or long-distance transportation.
crop protection Over half of the world’s crops would be lost to weeds, diseases, and insects without protection. Agricultural intermediates are used to produce active ingredients for pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) that help to keep plants safe and enable farmers to produce sustainable yields.
curing agents The effectiveness and durability of adhesives depend significantly on the presence of curing agents. Curing agents, also known as crosslinking agents or hardeners, are essential components in adhesive formulations. They facilitate the curing process, which transforms liquid adhesives into strong, durable bonds. By promoting crosslinking reactions, curing agents enable adhesives to achieve superior mechanical strength, improved chemical resistance, and enhanced temperature stability.
dispersants Dispersants play an essential role in maintaining the performance and efficiency of engines and gear boxes. They prevent the build-up of contaminants and residues that could compromise performance over time.
dye transfer inhibitors Dye transfer inhibitors are essential components of modern laundry treatments, providing value by enhancing the product performance and promoting sustainability. They prevent color bleeding and ensure brighter and more vibrant laundry by trapping any loose dye molecules during the wash cycle.
electronic devices We are living in the era of big data driving the growth of high-speed digital applications. People around the world rely on electronics for communication, education, employment, entertainment, health monitoring, transportation, and more. Electronic devices are used to save time, effort, and money. Our material solutions (adhesive accelerators, curing agents, plasticizers, solvents, and fluid mediums) help manufacturers optimize the performance of electronic devices.
emollients Emollients are essential ingredients in skin care applications due to their superior spreadability and desirable aesthetics. These enriching emollients work to soften and smooth the overall skin appearance and improve skin feel.