cleaning A good, deep clean starts with high quality products. Cleaning products in our vast portfolio can be used in wet wipes, soaps, hard surface cleaners, that are commonly found in household, industrial, & institutional (HI&I) cleaning applications.
cleaning deodorizers From cooking aromas to pet-related scents, undesirable odors are an inevitable part of daily life. Deodorizers play a crucial role in eliminating these odors at the source, rather than merely masking them with fragrances. By targeting the root cause, deodorizers provide a thorough and lasting solution, creating a more inviting and pleasant environment.
cleaning surfactants Beyond their formidable cleaning capabilities, surfactants enhance the overall convenience of household, institutional, and industrial cleaning. They aid in the even distribution of cleaning solutions, ensuring uniform coverage across surfaces. This translates to quicker and more effective cleaning routines, making daily cleaning less time-consuming and more manageable.
cleansing Surfactants are essential ingredients in shampoos and conditioners and act as cleansing agents. They lather in hair and cleanse it by removing dirt, dead cells, and oil. Hair cleansing surfactant offerings range from different pH levels and help create the desired foaming experience appealing to ongoing trends in the hair care market.
color cosmetics This market focuses on using products that are sustainable and inclusive. Color cosmetics allow us to express ourselves in different ways, every day.
containerboard Containerboard brings strength and functionality to boxes; designed for a variety of uses, from basic production of goods to graphic packaging with high-quality visuals. It is the single most-recycled packaging material in the United States.
containerboard sizing agents Sizing agents are critical ingredients in containerboard production, providing essential moisture resistance that enhances the durability and stability of the final product. Their use in reducing paper's porosity increases the overall quality of the containerboard, ensuring the boxes maintain their strength under various conditions – a crucial aspect in the shipping and handling of goods.
containerboard surface sizing agents Surface sizing agents are integral to the production of high-quality containerboard, providing essential properties such as enhanced water, abrasion, and penetration resistance. By forming a film on the paper's surface, they contribute to the overall durability and aesthetic quality of the packaging, ensuring better printability and visual appeal.