nail care

The nail care market is a vibrant sector within the beauty industry, offering a wide array of products aimed at enhancing the appearance and health of nails. This includes diverse nail polishes with various finishes like matte, gloss, and gel, along with nail care treatments such as cuticle oils and strengthening serums. Recent trends indicate a surge in consumer demand for products that are free from harsh chemicals and infused with natural ingredients that promote nail health. Technological advancements are notably reshaping the nail care market, with innovations such as more efficient UV and LED nail lamps that minimize harmful exposure and improved nail polish formulas that offer longer wear and chip resistance. 


Plasticizers are integral to nail polish formulations in the nail care market, primarily enhancing the flexibility, durability, and aesthetic quality of nail polishes. By improving flexibility, plasticizers help prevent chipping and cracking, thereby extending the wear of the polish. They facilitate smoother, more even application, contributing to a flawless finish and enhancing the gloss and shine of the dried polish, making colors appear more vibrant. Plasticizers prevent the polish from becoming brittle over time, maintaining its integrity and appeal.

Historically, phthalates like DBP were commonly used due to their effective plasticizing properties. However, due to health concerns, their use has significantly declined. The use of plasticizers must be balanced with health and environmental considerations, as concerns over traditional plasticizers like phthalates have prompted a shift towards safer, more sustainable alternatives. There is a growing trend towards cosmetics that are not only effective but also formulated with natural and safer ingredients. Consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients in their beauty products and prefer those with recognizable, non-synthetic components.

citrate-based plasticizers