active ingredients We offer high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are manufactured in the United States, with global regulatory support. Our small molecule APIs are used in oral solid dosage forms and injectables to treat various conditions.
biocompatible adhesives & sealants Biothane™ Polyurethane Systems can be custom formulated to provide the optimum pot life, cure time, strength, and flexibility required to fit the unique needs of catheters and specialty medical device assembly processes.
cartonboard Cartonboard, a multilayered structure of paperboard, is a material that continues to find a place in our everyday lives. Designed for quality packaging and graphic applications, this product delivers outstanding visual impact while providing a recyclable sustainable product.
cleaning A good, deep clean starts with high quality products. Cleaning products in our vast portfolio can be used in wet wipes, soaps, hard surface cleaners, that are commonly found in household, industrial, & institutional (HI&I) cleaning applications.
color cosmetics This market focuses on using products that are sustainable and inclusive. Color cosmetics allow us to express ourselves in different ways, every day.
containerboard Containerboard brings strength and functionality to boxes; designed for a variety of uses, from basic production of goods to graphic packaging with high-quality visuals. It is the single most-recycled packaging material in the United States.
corrosion inhibitors Corrosion inhibitors reduce, delay, or prevent the corrosion of metal. During the storage and transport of fuels our corrosion inhibitor technology protects against moisture in the naturally occurring environment. When using Texalene™ corrosion inhibitors water molecules in the fuel are displaced from metal surfaces in favor of our film-forming compounds.
crop protection Over half of the world’s crops would be lost to weeds, diseases, and insects without protection. Agricultural intermediates are used to produce active ingredients for pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) that help to keep plants safe and enable farmers to produce sustainable yields.