accelerators Adhesive accelerators are specialized compounds designed to expedite the curing or hardening of adhesives. They work in synergy with adhesive formulations, catalyzing the cross-linking or polymerization reactions that result in a durable and robust bond.
acne treatments Nature-based Sulfidal™ Colloidal Sulfur is a mild and an efficacious alternative to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (BPO) that can help target acne troubles.
active ingredients We offer high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are manufactured in the United States, with global regulatory support. Our small molecule APIs are used in oral solid dosage forms and injectables to treat various conditions.
adhesives Adhesives are integral to the food packaging industry, primarily serving to seal packaging and protect food contents from external elements like moisture and contaminants. This protective function is essential for prolonging the shelf life of products by maintaining freshness and preventing spoilage, thereby ensuring food safety.
adhesives Using the correct components is essential for enhancing adhesive performance, improving curing time, and achieving desired material properties. Accelerators are responsible for expediting the curing process and curing agents facilitate the cross-linking of adhesive molecules. With the right ingredients, adhesives deliver bonding solutions for various applications.
alkyl polyglucoside surfactants Surfactants improve the efficiency of the cleaning process, resulting in an improved application performance that enhances the overall consumer experience. Jarfactant™ Home Care Surfactants are a product line of high-performing sugar-based Alkyl Polyglucosides (APGs) that are manufactured from naturally derived alcohols and deliver a wide range of stable foam and effective cleaning.
amino acid-based surfactants Surfactants are versatile cleaning allies, capable of addressing a wide spectrum of cleaning challenges. Aminosyl™ Amino Acid Surfactants are mild, sulfate-free surfactants. They are widely used in personal and home care applications for gentle yet effective cleaning.
batteries Batteries store energy in chemical form and convert it to electrical energy when needed. They are essential for a wide range of applications, from portable electronics to electric vehicles (EVs) and grid storage. Batteries enable the storage of renewable energy, making it accessible during periods without sunlight or wind.
biocompatible adhesives & sealants Biothane™ Polyurethane Systems can be custom formulated to provide the optimum pot life, cure time, strength, and flexibility required to fit the unique needs of catheters and specialty medical device assembly processes.
biomedical research Biomedical research is a broad field of science that seeks to understand human health and disease, aiming to find new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure illnesses.