biocompatible adhesives & sealants

Biothane™  Polyurethane Sealant Systems are specially formulated to meet the rigorous demands for use as sealants and adhesives in varied medical device applications. They are designed to provide the strength and flexibility required for catheters, filters, and specialty medical devices while meeting all biocompatibility test standards.

Biothane Systems are two-component products consisting of a Vorite™ Prepolymer matched with a Polycin™ Polyol. The combination of each Vorite prepolymer and Polycin polyol produces a polymer sealant or adhesive with unique properties for the specialized application at hand. 

for use in medical applications
  • dialyzers
  • catheters
  • specialty medical devices

now offering customizable systems

Biothane Polyurethane Systems can be custom formulated to provide the optimum pot life, cure time, strength, and flexibility required to fit the unique needs of catheters and specialty medical device assembly processes.  

biocompatible adhesives & sealants
healthcare electrophysiology catheters

Electrophysiology (EP) studies are done to measure the electrical activity of the heart and to diagnose arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm. To perform the test, electrophysiology catheters are inserted into large blood vessels (neck and groin), that then enter the heart. EP catheters must be designed to enable safe and effective use within this highly sensitive environment. Materials used in EP catheter construction are carefully selected to optimize their electrical and mechanical properties. Meeting these mechanical demands and more, Biothane™ Polyurethane Sealant Systems are biocompatible and customizable.

heart beat
biomimetic materials, based on the body’s own chemistry
healthcare hemocompatible surface technology

Medical devices routinely used in blood-contact procedures play a very important role in minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. PC Technology™ offers a truly multifunctional, surface technology to make medical devices more biocompatible. A clinically proven, time- tested, truly multifunctional surface technology, PC Technology imparts to the device surface antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, hydrophilic, and antimicrobial properties that reduce biofilm formation and subsequent fouling and encrustation.

proven alternative to traditional DEHP plasticizers
healthcare phthalate-free plasticizers

When it comes to plastics for medical devices, softness, flexibility, and patient safety are the key attributes. Whether ensuring optimum patient comfort for the tubing that interacts with the body or providing safe storage and transportation of blood and its components, plasticizers play a crucial role. Citroflex™ B-6 Plasticizer has low extractability into lipid media, making it particularly useful for blood bags and related products. It nearly duplicates the properties of diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP).