energy & electronics

energy & electronics
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electronic devices

We are living in the era of big data driving the growth of high-speed digital applications. People around the world rely on electronics for communication, education, employment, entertainment, health monitoring, transportation, and more. Electronic devices are used to save time, effort, and money. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the internet have increased the need for faster data transmission and larger data storage capacity. The technology responsible for making electronic devices function (servers, routers, storage equipment, and smartphones) must continuously adapt and evolve to serve this advanced market’s needs. Our material solutions (adhesive accelerators, curing agents, plasticizers, solvents, and fluid mediums) help manufacturers optimize the performance of these devices.

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wire & cable

In the dynamic realms of energy & electronics, wire & cable systems serve as the backbone of connectivity and efficiency, playing an invaluable role in powering the modern world. With their ability to transmit electricity, data, and signals with precision and reliability, wire & cable solutions have become indispensable components across a wide range of applications. In cable manufacturing, every component plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional performance, durability, and safety. Among these crucial elements, the ingredients used in the production process hold immense value, serving as the foundation of high-quality and reliable wire and cable solutions.

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While progress as an industrial society has been historically linked to petroleum-based energy sources, it has become clear that a brighter, cleaner energy future must rely less on these finite resources and more on a complex, interconnected, multi-source energy strategy. It is also clear that a brighter, cleaner future in energy must rely less on these limited sources and more on a renewable multi-source strategy. Efficient production of energy of all kinds should use the best available technology to reduce costs and improve throughput. From the drilling process to refining, to the pipelines and storage systems of traditional energy sources, to the exotic metals, heat transfer fluids, and corrosion-resistant adhesives of EVs, batteries, and wind turbines, solutions that can improve our use of finite resources are a priority for society and businesses alike.

solvent for electronics
energy & electronics advancing technology

Our world is connected through multiple devices from cell phones, computers and television screens. Pyridine is useful as an electronic grade solvent in the production process of semiconductors, microchips, relays, and other advanced electronic devices. Pyridine acts as a solvent in the manufacturing process of dielectric materials. These dielectric materials are essential in insulating the transistors from each other without interference, allowing the production of more complex and nanoscale technology. Pyridine is essential in the electronics industry, enabling the manufacture of smaller and faster devices.

advancing technology
curing agents for epoxy resin
energy & electronics printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the brains of electronics, helping to connect signals to the other components of an electronic device. They find use in medical devices, LED lighting, consumer electronics, automotive components, and more. Specialty copper clad laminates are the base material for printed circuit boards used in high-speed markets. Epoxy systems are used in the manufacture of laminates and provide properties such as heat resistance and electrical insulation. Xiran EF Curing Agent provides a good combination of dielectric performance and thermal reliability which enable the final electronics systems to meet the desired switching speeds and ensure their signal integrity.

printed circuit boards
fiber optic cable waterproofing
energy & electronics encapsulant for underwater cables

There are approximately 1.3 million kilometers of submarine cable in service globally. Submarine cables connect the continents through data transmission, and support international telecommunications traffic for business, consumers, and governments. These underwater cables require waterproofing to protect their critical components. D-Encapsulant is a two-component polyurethane coating system with very low viscosity that allows for the filling of gaps within the wire system. This encapsulant permits a long open time and has a unique combination of low tear and superior tensile strength with a relatively high elongation, resulting in a longer work lifeline.

underwater cable
drive more miles between charges in electric vehicles
energy & electronics acid scavenger for lithium-ion batteries

The use of lithium-ion batteries is increasing in electric vehicles (EVs) as the world looks for environmentally friendly transportation options. In EVs, this rechargeable power source replaces all petrochemical-based fuels. Lithium-ion batteries use strong acids such as hydrofluoric acid inside the battery. There is a need for scavenging this acid to prevent electrode damage and improve capacity retention. Reillex™ Resins help neutralize the effect of excess acid and prolong battery life.

acid scavenger for lithium ion batteries