Incorporating coating ingredients into cartonboard manufacturing leads to optimal product performance, resilience, and aesthetics, meeting the complex demands of modern consumers. Their role in enhancing printability and resistance to moisture also supports the longevity and sustainability of packaging products, leading to increased consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Lubricants play an integral role in cartonboard production, enhancing the operational efficiency of machinery and influencing the quality of the end product. By reducing friction between machine components, they minimize wear and tear, extend equipment lifespan, and increase productivity. Lubricants are used in the most rigorous coating applications to enhance printing performance and make images pop. Designed for all types of cartonboard coatings, lubricants improve ink holdout and provide superior print gloss.

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Insolubilizers play a crucial role in the manufacturing of cartonboard, ensuring the stability and water-resistance of the end product. By making various additives insoluble in water, they enhance the dimensional stability and stiffness of the cartonboard, resulting in improved performance and quality. Additionally, insolubilizers contribute to the sustainability of packaging by enhancing its durability, reducing waste, and promoting efficient use of resources. Their value lies not just in performance improvement, but also in enabling the creation of sustainable packaging solutions.

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