Thickeners work by boosting the lubricant's viscosity, providing a consistent protective layer even under extreme temperatures. This leads to decreased wear and tear and smoother performance.   

providing power for extreme performance

In the fast-paced world of the transportation industry, the role of thickeners in lubricants cannot be understated. They play a part in every vehicle segment, from commercial to passenger cars and heavy machinery, enabling these machines to deliver consistent performance under high-stress conditions. Choosing the right thickener requires understanding its compatibility with the lubricant, its resilience under various operating conditions, and its ability to increase power output.  

Texalene™ 65 Series
  • oragnic, ashless
  • unique affinity for metals
  • excels in extreme temperature conditions
  • provides tangential anti-wear benefits
increase efficiency and reduce friction
mobility lubricity improvers for fuels

Lubricity improvers are used in fuel to avoid excessive wear on fuel pumps and injectors. The use of lubricity improvers is increasing, driven by highly refined fuels to improve fuel efficiency and reduce friction. Tighter design tolerances drive the need for the prevention of deposits and optimization of ignition timing, maximizing the fuel efficiency of the modern computer-controlled engine. Texalene™ 74 Series offers organic, ashless chemistry that helps extend maintenance intervals and engine life which reduces the environmental impact of servicing combustion engines.

lubricity improvers for fuels