enhancing drug delivery through functional ingredients, key building blocks, and innovation; based on decades of experience and accumulated knowledge, we offer a broad portfolio of solutions across dosage forms
active ingredients

Offering high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are manufactured in the United States, with global regulatory support. Our small molecule APIs are used in oral solid dosage forms and injectables to treat various conditions.

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Our wide variety of functional excipients are used in oral solid dosages and injectables (vaccines, therapeutic treatments). We offer adjuvants, buffers, and plasticizers that enhance drug delivery.

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We provide material solutions for your pharmaceutical processing needs. Our intermediate portfolio includes key building blocks such as API precursors, catalysts, reagents, and solvents.

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functional ingredients to enhance drug delivery
healthcare vaccine adjuvants

Adjuvants are used in vaccines to help create stronger immune responses in people receiving the vaccine. Our cGMP aluminum adjuvants enhance drug delivery and are the benchmark adjuvant in vaccine formulations. These aluminum-based vaccine adjuvants enhance, accelerate, and prolong the immune response in patients during vaccination.

active pharmaceutical ingredient
healthcare treatment for Wilson’s disease

Wilson’s disease is a rare disorder that causes copper to accumulate in the liver, brain, and other vital organs. Symptoms of Wilson’s disease include swelling, abdominal pian, fatigue, and jaundice. When the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) Zinc Acetate is used in therapeutic treatment, it inhibits the body’s absorption of copper.