Refineries are crucial to the global economy, providing the energy and materials that fuel transportation, power industries, and manufacture a vast array of consumer and industrial goods. They are integral to the energy supply chain, converting natural and crude resources into usable forms with higher value. Refineries play a vital role in transforming crude oil and other raw materials into a variety of products essential for modern life. Through a complex series of processes, refineries produce fuels, lubricants, and petrochemical feedstocks that drive transportation, support industries, and contribute to a wide range of products and services, underscoring their importance in society. 

providing strong environmental resistance
infrastructure industrial maintenance coatings

Industrial coatings offer protective properties in particular corrosion prevention and weatherproofing. Many compounds can accelerate corrosion calling for the need for a robust and easy to maintain coating. Polyol-based polyurethane coatings exhibit good chemical resistance to cold and hot water, organic and inorganic acids, caustic, diesel fuel, gasoline, and other commonly encountered chemicals. Castorcin™ Polyol Series cures in a wide range of environments, protects against chemicals, and exhibits good UV exposure stability.

industrial maintenance coatings