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crop protection

Over half of the world’s crops would be lost to weeds, diseases, and insects without protection. Agricultural intermediates are used to produce active ingredients for pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) that help to keep plants safe and enable farmers to produce sustainable yields.

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livestock health

Intermediates are used to manufacture livestock antibiotics used in animal husbandry. They can be used for therapeutic treatment in ill animals, treatment of a group of animals (when at least one is diagnosed with an infection), or as a preventative treatment. Livestock antibiotics are a key tool to treat disease and to safeguard animal health in cattle, sheep, horses, and goats.

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livestock nutrition

Livestock nutrition serves a specific purpose in maintaining livestock health, weight, and product viability. aurorium offers nutrients, nutrient protectants, preservatives, and flavor enhancers. Nutrients increase an animal’s resistance to diseases while helping to maintain body functions. Nutrient protectants enhance the effectiveness of nutrients and protect them from degradation. Preservatives help extend the shelf life of livestock feed, while flavor enhancers help to improve palatability.

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yield improvers

Yield improvers are essential for crops today to help feed the growing population while limiting the environmental impact of food production. Yield improvers Aurorium provides act as micronutrients or intermediates. Micronutrients play an imperative role in plant growth, development, and yield. Their presence helps a plant maximize its genetic potential. Intermediates can go into nitrogen stabilizers to support nutrient uptake as the plant grows. They can also serve as the key component in the manufacture of active ingredients that regulate plant growth.

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intermediates for livestock health
agriculture veterinary antibiotics

Outbreaks of pneumonia in sheep are common, as the infection can be caused by a variety of factors to include dusty conditions, hot weather, and excessive crowding. Tilmicosin is a veterinary antibiotic that uses 3,5-Lutidine (3,5-Dimethylpyridine) as an essential building block. This macrolide antibiotic is useful in treatment and prevention of pneumonia and respiratory diseases in swine, cattle, and sheep.

intermediates for active ingredients
agriculture insecticides

Pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) help to keep plants safe and enable farmers to produce sustainable yields. Agricultural intermediates are used to produce active ingredients for these pesticides. 2,3-Dichloropyridine is a key component of the active ingredient in anthranilic diamide insecticides, which offer excellent control of lepidopteran and hemipteran pests. Because of their unique mechanism of action that targets the ryanodine receptor in insects, these pesticides can overcome resistance to other products while offering very low toxicity to mammals.

insecticides protect plants
intermediates for cotton growth regulation
agriculture yield improvers

Cotton, popular textile used in fabric and clothing, has been a staple crop for centuries. Mepiquat is a plant growth regulator used exclusively on cotton. Piperidine is a key building block in the manufacture of the active ingredient. When applied to the leaves Mepiquat is absorbed to modify the plant in several beneficial ways. It can help reduce unwanted longitudinal shoot growth without lowering plant productivity. This allows growers to manage the cotton plant for short-season production.

nitrogen stabilizers - cotton
intermediates for better adsorption
agriculture nutrient protectants

Livestock nutrition provided from feed is key in the energy, growth, and overall health of cattle. Protecting nutrients found in feed from breakdown as they pass though the multiple stomach compartments of the cow, promotes a more efficient and cost-effective nutrient program. Polymers made from 2-Vinylpyridine are used as nutrient protectants in animal feed for beef and dairy cattle protecting the ingredients from degradation.

nutrient protectants for livestock feed
to boost growth yield of plants
agriculture micronutrients in fertilizers

When used in fertilizers, micronutrients promote essential plant processes and growth, producing higher yields. Jarace™ SA (Sodium Acetate) is used in fertilizers as a micronutrient for the soil to boost the growth yield of plants. Fertilizers containing acetate salts generally result in superior foliar absorption over traditional nutrients. Acetates function as electrolytes to enable transport of essential nutrients throughout the plant.

micronutrients in fertilizers